Business Advisory

Our Business Advisory Services (BAS) can assist you with all types of corporate transactions. Our team is here to answer all your strategic and financial management advisory needs.

HBT Chartered Accountants provides clients with a variety of business advisory services. Should we buy or lease? How do we plan for the succession of our business? How do we sell our business? How do we get financing? Does my business need a unanimous shareholders agreement? There are a many number of questions that a business owner is faced with and HBT is here to help you. If your business is faced with questions, please contact HBT and we would be happy to assist you and your business.

Small to medium sized businesses face many challenges associated with transition and growth. It is crucial to develop strategies to proactively manage the internal and environmental changes facing your business. A trusted business advisor can provide independent, objective and practical business solutions to assist in maximizing the value of your business.

What You Get

Our BAS comprises a suite of strategy consulting capabilities which are directed towards enabling you to seamlessly achieve your business and operational objectives. We have designed our advisory services to unlock the potential for growth for our dynamic clients. Leveraging on the ability of our professionals to offer distinctive, high quality and personalized services to businesses worldwide, we have emerged as the partners of choice for decision makers operating across global markets. Our strength lies in our ability to combine Reason and Instinct to solve complex business challenges for our dynamic clients all over the world.

If you are looking to acquire, divest, list or raise capital, then you should speak to one of our team member who can advise you on all intricacies related to these transactions.

Our suite of advisory services includes the following:

• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability
• Management advisory
• Business financing
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Corporate structuring and restructuring
• Reorganizations
• Divestitures
• Due diligence
• Cash flow projections
• Business valuation / Intellectual property valuation
• Exit, retirement and succession planning
• Government & infrastructure
• Leadership consulting
• Mergers & acquisitions
• Strategic services
• Litigation support

Our clients are at all stages of the business cycle: start up, growth, or in transition due to retirement. Whatever stage you’re at, whatever challenges you’re facing, we can offer advice based on first-hand experience with business financials and planning. We’ll tailor our service to your needs, bring in our full service team, and support you when you need us.

Trust the Professional

Rest assured, ours is a full service accounting provider. We don’t outsource significant services like tax, succession and estate planning, valuation or litigation support. Instead, we provide a complete range of specialized services in-house so as your business grows and matures we’re ready at each stage of the cycle with the service and advice you need when you need it. Our clients sleep at night knowing they have expert guidance for their business.

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