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HBT Accounting – Tax, Bookkeeping and General Accounting Services in Calgary

In today’s competitive dynamic and turbulent business environment, it is becoming increasingly challenging for businesses to secure and sustain, a competitive advantage in the market place in order to grow and achieve their strategic goals. our business Advisory services can assist you with various scenarios and put you in the right direction to achieve your strategic aims.We offer complete payroll services: prepare and manage your staff payroll, remit source deductions, issue annual T4s and process record of Employment forms. For government tax filings, we will take care of your government filings and GST/HST returns. Our personal tax solutions help in the preparation and filing of your personal T1 tax return does not have to be a hassle!


We employ an in-house Chartered Business Valuator for your valuation needs.


SR&ED is a tax incentive program by the Canadian government for companies.


Thinking of incorporating? We do provincial, federal and Professional Incorporations.

Don’t Know Your Tax Obligations For This Year? Discuss Confidentially With Our CPA Today.

Effective Tax Solutions for Businesses

The main source for the financial information is from within the entity and mainly from the accounting systems. For instance, information about cash flow forecast, budget and other financial statements are vital for planning, monitoring, control and information about: debtors, creditor, inventory tracking and cash, and are crucial for a business to run smoothly.

HBT Chartered Professional Accountant is the solution for small businesses that do not have In-house Accountants and expertise to do their bookkeeping and maintaining proper accounting records.


Personal Tax Filing

At HBT ACCOUNTING* Chartered Professional Accountant, we have an experienced financial and tax professional ready to help high net worth individuals preserve their financial legacy. By assisting clients with a diverse range of personal tax issues that may impact

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Corporate Tax Filing

At HBT ACCOUNTING* Chartered Professional Accountant, we understand that many small and medium-sized companies do not have the resources to employ their own internal tax function. However, these companies are still able to access personalized and attentive accounting services in Calgary.

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Professional Bookkeeping

Our bookkeeping service is an affordable and efficient way to get small and large sized businesses up-to-date with their bookkeeping records. Each of our clients are assigned a personal bookkeeper from our Canadian office,ensuring that your books

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Personal Tax Returns

The preparation and filing of your personal T1 tax return does not have to be a hassle. We take care of this for you and ensure you get the maximum refund you are entitled to receive. We can also e-file your return so you get your refund faster.

  • Maximize your return , Minimize your time
  • Have confidence your taxes are done right

If you are behind in your taxes, don’t avoid it. The CRA will not go away. Give us a call and we will take the stress off and get you up-to-date and in good standing with the Canada Revenue Agency.